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"Joshua is in first grade.  His speech is very difficult to understand.  He does get speech in school, but the children in his class are learning letter sounds and putting sounds together into words.  This is so difficult for Joshua!  Would an extra "push" now in speech therapy help him in school?"


"Alan has always had a lisp.  Now that he's in 6th grade, he's being teased by the other kids.  He's mortified to be pulled out of class for speech.  How can I help Alan?"


If a person’s speech is not clear, it may be due to the structure of the mouth, an inability to discriminate sounds in words, muscle tone or one of several other factors.  We will determine the cause of unclear speech, and then we will use specifically targeted effective techniques to help the person communicate clearly.

At Cornerstone Speech & Language, we are excited to offer SmartPalate, a state-of-the-art technology to help a client see his own tongue movements when speaking, which is especially important if the client has difficulty feeling where the tongue is moving.  We also use research-based traditional therapy, when appropriate.


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